Maria Ruiz Photography | The Experience

The session can take from 1 to 2 hours this can vary from each photo session. Several locations can be used during this session so plan on taking short walks or driving to different locations. I believe location is EVERYTHING and I want you to have a variety in your purchasing options. If you prefer quick and simple we can do that as well..... I have many locations to choose from but if you have locations suggestions I am always open to new locations!! Come with a smile and expect to have fun!



Your choice of clothing is very important for your photo session.  Clothing can really make or break a portrait.  It is a good idea to stay true to your style, theme or personal or family personality but also keep in mind what reads well on camera.  We are creating art and clothing can be a great opportunity to make that art come to life.

I recommend wearing clothing that is embellished or that has texture to it.  Texture is EVERYTHING in pictures.  This type of clothing photographs well and adds another element besides the subject.  Additionally, I suggest color, lots of it.  Try to layer your clothes with fun hats, bold scarfs, warm vests, chunky jewelry, colorful tights, leather boots or bare feet, ties/jackets for men/boys and flowers in ladies/girl’s hair.  It is best to avoid small print florals, large distracting logos and pastel colors. When photographing siblings or families please keep everyone in similar/coordinating colors. 


Newborn sessions need to be kept simple - NO CLOTHES.  Clothes on a newborn look unnatural.  Keeping it simple produces those beautiful womb like images!